The Clarendon Hills Public Library circulates materials in a variety of formats including books, magazines, books on CD and DVDs. A valid library card from a SWAN library is required to be presented at time of checkout.  A person with a library card from an Illinois library outside of the SWAN consortium can use their card at the Clarendon Hills Library, if their home library - when contacted - states the card is in good standing.  CHPL card holders may check out without their library card present if they show a valid ID.  The length of time for which an item may be checked out differs by material type and format. 

 Material Type

 Length of Loan

 Can be  renewed *

 Fines Per  Day

 Maximum  Fine 

New Books  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Books (excepting new books)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
School Reading List Display  2 weeks  No, cannot renew   $.10    $4.20
 BOOKS ON CD        
New Books on CD  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Books on CD (excepting new Books on CD)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
 MUSIC CDs        
New Music CDs  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Music CDs (excepting new Music CDs)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
All Magazines (excepting newest issue of Adult magazines)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Feature DVDs  1 week  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
TV Shows on DVD  2 weeks  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
New Non-Fiction DVDs  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Non-Fiction DVDs (excepting new DVDs)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
 Wii GAMES        
Wii Games  1 week  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
Kindle eReaders (CHPL adult card holders only)  2 weeks                                  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
 BOOK BAGS         
Canvas Book Bags  3 weeks  Yes    $.10    $4.20

* An item can only be renewed if no one else is on a wait list for that item.  Items can be renewed up to 2 times.  How to renew your library materials.

Fines and Fees

  • Items that are returned after their due dates are assessed a daily late fee (see chart above).  The library does not charge overdue fines for Sundays and other days when the building is closed.
  • For lost or damaged items, please contact the library as soon as possible. In addition to the item cost, a processing fee of $5.00 is charged for each lost or damaged item. This is a standard fee charged by all libraries in the library system.
  • Fines and fees may be paid by cash or check at the Circulation Desk. Patrons wanting to pay by credit card may do so through the My Account feature in the SWAN Catalog. 
    • To pay fines through My Account:
      • Go to the SWAN Catalog and login to your My Account.
      • Your account information should appear.  Click on the Fines tab.
      • Click on the red button at the end of the list of fines/fees owed that says Pay Clarendon Hills via Credit Card.
      • Fill in your credit card information and submit.