The Clarendon Hills Public Library circulates materials in a variety of formats including books, magazines, books on CD and DVDs. A valid library card from a SWAN library is required to be presented at time of checkout.  A person with a library card from an Illinois library outside of the SWAN consortium can use their card at the Clarendon Hills Library, if their home library - when contacted - states the card is in good standing.  CHPL card holders may check out without their library card present if they show a valid ID.  The length of time for which an item may be checked out differs by material type and format. 

 Material Type

 Length of Loan

 Can be  renewed *

 Fines Per  Day

 Maximum  Fine 

New Books  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Books (excepting new books)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
School Reading List Display  2 weeks  No, cannot renew   $.10    $4.20
 BOOKS ON CD        
New Books on CD  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Books on CD (excepting new Books on CD)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
 MUSIC CDs        
New Music CDs  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Music CDs (excepting new Music CDs)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
All Magazines (excepting newest issue of Adult magazines)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Feature DVDs  1 week  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
TV Shows on DVD  2 weeks  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
New Non-Fiction DVDs  2 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
Non-Fiction DVDs (excepting new DVDs)  3 weeks  Yes   $.10    $4.20
 Wii GAMES        
Wii Games  1 week  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
Kindle eReaders (CHPL adult card holders only)  2 weeks                                  Yes  $1.00  $15.00
 BOOK BAGS         
Canvas Book Bags  3 weeks  Yes    $.10    $4.20

* An item can only be renewed if no one else is on a wait list for that item.  Items can be renewed up to 2 times.  How to renew your library materials.

Fines and Fees

  • Items that are returned after their due dates are assessed a daily late fee (see chart above).  The library does not charge overdue fines for Sundays and other days when the building is closed.
  • For lost or damaged items, please contact the library as soon as possible. In addition to the item cost, a processing fee of $5.00 is charged for each lost or damaged item. This is a standard fee charged by all libraries in the library system.
  • Fines and fees may be paid by cash, check, or credit card at the Circulation Desk. Patrons wanting to pay from home with a credit card may do so through the My Account feature in the SWAN Catalog. 
    • To pay fines through My Account:
      • Go to the SWAN Catalog and login to your My Account.
      • Your account information should appear.  Click on the Fines tab.
      • Click on the red button at the end of the list of fines/fees owed that says Pay Clarendon Hills via Credit Card.
      • Fill in your credit card information and submit.