The Clarendon Hills Public Library circulates materials in a variety of formats including books, magazines, books on CD and DVDs. A valid library card from a SWAN library is required to be presented at time of checkout.  A person with a library card from an Illinois library outside of the SWAN consortium can use their card at the Clarendon Hills Library, if their home library - when contacted - states the card is in good standing.  CHPL card holders may check out without their library card present if they show a valid ID.  The length of time for which an item may be checked out differs by material type and format. 

Material TypeLength of LoanCan be renewed *
New Books  2 weeks  Yes
Books (excepting new books)  3 weeks  Yes
School Reading List Display  2 weeks  No, cannot renew
New Books on CD  2 weeks  Yes
Books on CD (excepting new Books on CD)  3 weeks  Yes
 MUSIC CDs    
New Music CDs  2 weeks  Yes
Music CDs (excepting new Music CDs)  3 weeks  Yes
All Magazines (excepting newest issue of Adult magazines)  3 weeks  Yes
Feature DVDs  2 weeks  Yes
TV Shows on DVD  2 weeks  Yes
New Non-Fiction DVDs  2 weeks  Yes
Non-Fiction DVDs (excepting new DVDs)  3 weeks  Yes
Wii Games & Switch Games (CHPL card holders only)  2 weeks  No, cannot renew
Kindle eReaders (CHPL adult card holders only)  2 weeks                                  Yes
Canvas Book Bags  3 weeks  Yes

* An item can only be renewed if no one else is on a wait list for that item.  Items can be renewed up to 2 times.  
How to renew your library materials.

Fines and Fees

  • Any patron who checks out items at the Clarendon Hills Public Library (CHPL) will no longer accrue overdue fines/late fees.  
  • Your library; account will be blocked when any item checked out at CHPL is more than 14 days overdue. This applies to all patrons who check out items at CHPL
    • You will receive an overdue notice at 7 days and 21 days overdue.  
    • You will be billed for “lost” items at 42 days overdue. 
    • Accounts will go to collections at 60 days overdue. If you return an item after 60 days overdue, you will owe a $20.00 non-waivable collection agency fee.
    • Once overdue items are returned, your account will be automatically unblocked - unless your account owes $10.00 or more. 
  • You remain responsible for any bills for lost or damaged items.
  • You remain responsible for any collection agency fees. 
  • CHPL card holders will still be subject to late fees at other libraries. Also, if you use Pick Up Anywhere to get a CHPL item sent to another library for you to pick up, that item will follow the fine policy of the library you are checking the item out at and therefore will only be fine free if that library is fine free.
  • Accounts with balances of $10.00 or greater will still be blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions about Being Fine Free

  • Why are you eliminating late fees?
    The past couple of years have been hard on everyone. We want our patrons to enjoy access to all of our library resources without fear of incurring overdue fines or having late fees otherwise prevent access to our resources.
  • Does this mean I can keep my checkouts indefinitely?
    No, items still have specific check out periods, and renewable materials can still be renewed up to 2 times if there are no holds.  Items will still be overdue if not returned on or before their due date.
  • What happens if I have overdue items?
    Once you have an item that is over 14 days overdue, your card will be blocked. Your card will be unblocked when the item is returned. 
  • What happens if I lose an item?
    Your account will be billed for any lost items. If you return an item that you’ve been billed for, before the item has been overdue 60 days, the bill will be removed from your account. If you are unable to return the item, the bill will remain on your account. Your account may be sent to collections if the bill remains unpaid. The collection agency charges a $20 collection fee which is added to your account and cannot be waived.
  • Will I still have fines if I check out items at other libraries?
    Yes, if other libraries do not offer fine free service, you will accrue late fees for overdue items checked out at those libraries.
  • What about the money the library loses if late fees are no longer assessed?
    97% of our revenue comes from property taxes. The revenue generated from fines was only a small part of the library’s budget. 
  • Will my taxes go up?
    Your taxes will not increase because of the library eliminating late fees.

  • For lost or damaged items, please contact the library as soon as possible. In addition to the item cost, a processing fee of $5.00 is charged for each lost or damaged item. This is a standard fee charged by most libraries in the library system.
  • Fines and fees may be paid by cash, check, or credit card at the Circulation Desk. Patrons wanting to pay from home with a credit card may do so through the My Account feature in the SWAN Catalog. 
    How to Pay Fines Online

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