Biblioboard offers ebooks and eaudiobooks from traditional publishers. It also has a wide selection of the best work of indie authors plus a treasure trove of primary source documents, (think letters, news stories) images, video and audio materials about almost any subject or historical figure you can imagine. For example, one of Biblioboard’s collections features an 1890s-era wax cylinder recording of Walt Whitman reading one of his poems.

But what makes Biblioboard unique is that it offers a platform for the community to create and share its own material—photos, documents, audio and video content.

What sorts of information can the community share on Biblioboard? The possibilities are enormous! Just a few examples:

  • Items related to the history of Clarendon Hills
  • A showcase for writings, artwork, music, video, etc. produced by students in our schools
  • Pictures, recordings and/or videos of school or church events
  • Historical collections from local organizations—churches, civic clubs, etc.

If you are interested in posting community content on BiblioBoard, please contact Lucy Tarabour at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The library has posted a Library History collection that includes original documents, letters and newspaper articles from the early days of the library, photos of many of the first volunteers and a wonderful original video produced by Eagle Scout Eric Brugge documenting the library’s history with interviews, pictures and insights.

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