Bring your 3D designs to life by accessing the Clarendon Hills Library’s 3D printer! Make three dimensional objects such as game pieces, figurines, miniature furniture, tools, jewelry, and so much more. The Clarendon Hills Library has a Flash Forge Adventurer 3 3D printer, which can print small objects, under 6 inches, in one color. You provide the design file (meeting our guidelines) and library staff will print out your design. This service is available only to Clarendon Hills cardholders.


File Format: All files must be submitted as .stl file formats. Files will be printed as submitted; however, staff can add rafts, brims, and/or auto-generated supports if requested. 

Size: The maximum build volume for the printer is 150mm x 150mm x 150mm (or 5.9in. x 5.9in. x 5.9in.). Models should be submitted at actual print size. We will not resize models. 

Color: Objects can only be printed in one color. Color options include: white, black, silver, gold, yellow, pink, gray, purple, rose, and transparent red. The Library will try its best to accommodate color choices, but may be limited by availability.

Pricing: Pricing is based on the final weight of the object. Rafts, brims, and supports are included in the final weight of the project. Patrons are not responsible for the cost of failed print jobs. Print jobs will cost $0.10/gram.

Additional Notes: Patrons may only request one print job per month, and print jobs are limited to 6 hours of print time. Items must be claimed within two weeks of notification that printing has completed. Patrons will be responsible for paying for any unclaimed items. The Library is not responsible for failed 3D prints. 

Read the 3D Printing Policy and fill out the Request for 3D Printing Form if you are interested in submitting a file to be printed.

3d Policy button  3d Request form

After you have submitted the 3D Printing Request Form, please email your .stl file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include 3D Print and your name in the subject line. (Example: Subject: 3D Print John Doe)


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